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What WordPress Means for Your Business

wp-logoMany of our clients come to us looking for someone to help them update their aging website. Often, they just want to make some simple changes on a weekly basis, but are sick and tired of playing the waiting game with their current web company. When the changes do finally get made, they end up costing them an arm in a leg in the process.

That’s where Content Management Systems come in — Rather than tell someone else to make the changes (at a hefty hourly rate, usually), you can make them yourself without knowing the first thing about programming or web sites. Got weekly specials and coupons to update? Want to keep your customers updated with regular blog posts and links? Want to highlight new or featured products on your homepage? It’s as easy as editing a Word document when your website is built using a CMS.

As Spiderman taught us, great power comes with great responsibility, and sometimes all the flexibility and options involved in modern-day CMS can be a bit overwhelming. What good is the simplicity of updating your website with a CMS if the CMS is just as hard to learn as the programming?

That’s where WordPress comes in. WordPress is an highly powerful and expandable CMS that has one major benefit over it’s competitors: It’s actually easy┬áto use. 90% of the websites RipFish creates are built on the WordPress CMS, and our clients are thrilled with it. No extraneous options or buttons, and a very short learning curve make WordPress our choice for website development.

Want more information on how a WordPress-based website could help out your business? Just drop us a line!